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Anachron Technologies was started by Wael Khattar & Adnan Kawas, from the belief that everyone deserves to have access to professional financial advice, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Currently, only the privileged wealthy have access to Private Banking services such as Investment Advisory, Financial Planning and Real Estate Advisory. This is caused by the steep cost of servicing these clients, which would only make sense if the revenues generated, as a percentage of the investment, are above a certain threshold. 


Technologies impact has already been felt across multiple industries, decreasing costs dramatically and democratizing services to the masses. We believe the same can be done in the Financial Services industry. We have chosen the Investment Advisory service to start off with, creating a platform for Banks, Financial Institutions (FI) and Insurance Companies to offer investment advisory services online, and at a fraction of the previous cost, while keeping the irreplaceable human factor at the core of the service.


Once we implement our software on a financial institution’s servers, their clients will have the ability to access the online website or mobile applications, answer a few seamless questions which will give us the ability to assess their risk profile, and they will then instantly receive a personalized investment recommendation, consistent of a portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds. The portfolio is diversified across geographies, industries and asset classes, making it suitable to hold for at least a year, without active interference or changes.

After processing the recommendation, the client can then request to be contact by the bank, where either a broker or an investment advisor will contact them for a few minutes, making sure that they fully understand the investment, as well as to answer any questions or concerns that they might have. This process is further accelerated by our software, which acts as a combination between a CRM and a Portfolio Management tool, specifically designed to help the advisor answer any question asked by the investor in under 3 minutes, further reducing the cost for the bank and empowering advisors in their efficiency.

As we know, the digital investment advisory market is massive, and incumbent institutions are finding it challenging to cope with the changes as quickly as they should. Anachron Technologies is here to simplify an adoption to Roboadvisory technologies without any major investments or overhauls. We implement our software at no cost to the bank, and receive a percentage of the revenues generated through our solution. However, as we explore new markets, the business model has the potential to adapt to different regulations and environments.

It is also important to note that Anachron Technologies as an institution does not offer investment advice, but rather, our algorithm allows the bank’s advice to be personalized onto the masses.

At Anachron Technologies, we are digitizing Wealth Management, and bringing the future of investment advisory to you.”

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01 March 2019

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