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In a world of speed, socialising with the entrepreneurs is never easy. Busy schedules don’t allow you to meet new business and connect with other people who can offer services and ideas that you can benefit from.

At Black Card Elite Club we take the time to get to know each other. Nobody can present your business better than you.

No glam presentation of your project will have the same impact if you, the brain and soul of your company, don’t introduce yourself. Take advantage of our platform. Become a member of the exclusive BCEC and you will find here a comfortable environment in which to socialize, share ideas, connect with colleagues and potential co-founders.

Sharing ideas it’s just the starting point for a brainstorming that will launch many startups.

Edition #1 It`s a man`s world

Be one of the 20 cool men chosen to participare at the opening event of Black Card Elite Club.


#1 It’s a man’s world starts at 8 p.m and it`s an invite only event based on recommendation. Each one can recommend an entrepreneur for next time! Are you ready to socialize differently?

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