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Black Card Elite, an exclusive concept published by The Times


Commercial Presentations Of Existing Or Under Development Business Parks, Residential, Financial And Touristic Projects, Technological And Software Launches, In Dedicated Chapters, Along With Market Studies, Interviews And Trends. The Promotion Of Successful Management Solutions Reunited And Solutions Available For The Development Of Future Projects. The Yearly Investment Guide Has Controlled Distribution To Business Communities In Europe And The Middle East, Industrial And Logistic Parks, Co-working Spaces, Shopping Centers, Active Companies In The Market: Construction, Architecture, Consultancy, Transport, Logistics, Industry, Investments Funds, Public Sector, Tourism Locations, Airlines And Airports Etc. National And International Distribution At B2b Fairs And Conferences (Vienna, Warsaw, London, Bucharest, Budapest, Beirut, Cairo, Dubai, Doha). Distribution To All The Times Partners And

Business Clients.


First edition of Black Card Elite


Product: Luxurious real estate and lifestyle guide, in english, 150 pages, available in print and online (isuu, instagram and website).  

 Layout: 26.5x20.5 cm, LWC Paper            

 Date of launch: september 2019                           

 Circulation: 100.000 copies                               

 Available in Europe and Middle East 


distribution: Black Card Elite has controlled distribution in office buildings, logistic parks, industrial parks, investment funds, ministries, embassies, business clubs, banks, bilateral chambers of commerce, investors associations, multinational companies, airplanes, airports and business lounges.


promotion: Online and in print editions through The Times publications, events and BBC meetings, with advertisements of partners, offline and on television shows and online on partners websites and other publications.

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