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DOT (Digital Opportunity Trust) is a Canadian social enterprise with one of its offices in Lebanon, we currently have offices in the Middle East (Lebanon and Jordan), Africa (five countries) and Latin America. In Lebanon, we have been working in marginalized communities since 2003 with funding and partnership support from Cisco Systems, the Government of Canada, USAID, UNICEF, EU, and multiple other donors.


We have worked extensively in Lebanon and the region, equipping young people with the business, digital and life skills they need to start businesses and find jobs. DOT Lebanon (a registered Lebanese NGO) has deployed 169 young women and men to 134 communities to deliver economic empowerment training to over 5,700 community members (up to Dec.31.2016) – over half of them are women. These community members have developed the digital, employability and entrepreneurship skills they needed to increase their incomes; create jobs; and establish businesses in some of the most disadvantaged and rural communities.


Earlier this year we launched an innovative digital program in partnership with UNICEF and other NGOs to empower Refugee youth by building their entrepreneurship and digital skills to increase their employability, self-employment and community engagement opportunities (as part of the Innovation Labs Network) and we are currently prototyping an impact sourcing platform (BOT) to create digital freelance jobs to our trained youth. Moreover, we have worked in the education sector with the Ministry of Education our scope was to implemented the Ed. Tech. program in 150 public schools in Lebanon (USAID Gran) and currently we are partnering with community centers and schools hosting Syrian Refugees supporting the E-Learning for primary school students with TheirWorld and World Vision.

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20 November 2018

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